Chief Economic Development Officer

Liz Tallman

Vice President, Finance

Mary Guy

Finance Assistant

Terry Ambrozi

Director, Human Resources

Jessica Ballou

President & CEO

Tara Barney

Chief Operating Officer

Betsy Brandsgard

Executive Director Downtown Davenport Partnership

Kyle Carter

Membership Manager

Mike Coughlin

Vice President, Business Attraction

Ray De Winkle

Director, Marketing and Communications

Alisha Espey

Database Manager

Sara Fichtner

Vice President, Regional Business Development

Thomas Flaherty

Vice President, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Julie Forsythe

Sr. Vice President

Rene Gellerman

Director, Events, Downtown Davenport Partnership

Jason Gilliland

Vice President, Member Services

Kristin Glass

Vice President, Public Affairs

Jason Gordon

Director, Moline Centre Program

Adam Holland

Vice President, Communications

Jillian McCleary

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Sharon Moore

Vice President, Economic Development

Tami Petsche

Moline Centre Coordinator

Terri Smith

Administrative Assistant (Contact for relocation information)

Margo Vaughn

Manager, Operations

Ryan Jantzi

Director, Talent Attraction & Retention

Greg Aguilar

Director, Government Affairs

Henry Marquard

Director, Resource & Member Development

Gwen Tombergs

Technology Innovation Director, Manufacturing Innovation Hub

Curt Burnett

Director, Marketing & Communications - Regional Vision

Brandy Donaldson

Project Manager

Jessica Webb

Carrie O’Neill

Event Coordinator

Megan Lovelady

Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Lauren Crew

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