Regional Growth Plan

The Quad Cities Chamber is committed to advancing the economic strength and prosperity of our community through facilitating the creation of 5,000 new primary jobs by 2015.

What does this mean?

Economic Strength is a measurement based on factors that impact everyone:
  • Availability of jobs
  • Total earnings
  • Wages Per capita income
The Quad Cities current economic strength ranking is 147 out of 366 metropolitan areas, and we are seeking to move into the top 25% of communities. This will mean new wealth and prosperity, more job opportunities, a stronger workforce and more vibrant community for all Quad Citians.

To succeed, we have real challenges to overcome, such as

  • An aging workforce
  • Insufficient infrastructure and
  • Outdated real estate inventory
We took the first steps toward success by creating a unified Chamber of Commerce to advocate for and market the Quad Cities as one voice. We continually embrace the above challenges and work hard to carry out our strategies for the growth of our region. The steps we take today will create a stronger community for generations to come.

Five strategies have been set forth by regional stakeholders to build prosperity in our region:

1. Execute a comprehensive economic development plan to stimulate balanced growth in the Quad Cities region.

  • Attract new businesses within our target industries: advanced manufacturing, defense, logistics, food and packaging and professional and technical services
  • Support expanding existing businesses
  • Foster entrepreneurship and new business creation
  • Establish the Quad Cities as a manufacturing innovation cluster

2. Enhance the livability and attractiveness of the Quad Cities region

  • Advance regional riverfront development
  • Create inviting gateways to the region
  • Advance vibrant downtowns and other retail and commercial corridors
  • Push transportation and infrastructure improvements to support economic and community development
  • Engage the business community in green and sustainability initiatives
  • Foster the development of a wide range of housing types in all parts of the region
  • Support and sustain key cultural institutions and amenities central to workforce attraction and retention

3. Actively engage the community in supporting the Rock Island Arsenal

  • Lead the Chamber Military Affairs Council and Rock Island Arsenal Alliance
  • Implement a strategic communications plan

4. Ensure a high-quality workforce to support economic and community vitality

  • Engage business leaders in affecting high-performance K-12 education across the region
  • Align post-secondary education and training with economic and company demand
  • Cultivate the attraction and retention of our next generation of new talent
  • Increase diversity in leadership of large companies and organizations

5. Institutionalize a world-class Chamber of Commerce for the Quad Cities region

  • Ensure the financial capacity and long-term sustainability of the regional Chamber
  • Build and sustain the volunteer base of the regional Chamber to engage our members
  • Build strong public and private support for the Chamber's economic and community development goals
  • Provide robust public affairs programming and advocacy to support and advance Chamber and regional priorities
  • Execute high-value Chamber events and programming to support regional priorities, enhance the visibility of the Quad Cities, make contacts and increase sales for Chamber member businesses
  • Execute high-value communications to support regional priorities and enhance stakeholder understanding of the Chamber, its mission and accomplishments